My first bit of exposure to flower gardening came by way of my maternal grandmother, (Ma). She was an elderly country woman with no formal education but she loved growing flowers. What she lacked in education she made up in experience. She was a very hard working woman.

I used to follow her around in her garden as she lovingly attended her flowers. She would carry around a bucket of water and a “tin” can and give each plant it’s own bit of special attention. As we walked along she would tell me what kind of flowers they were . She didn’t know the scientific names for them but she knew what they were. For instance, I remember her showing me her tall Zinnias, with their bright beautiful flower heads and saying, “This is my Pretty Boys”.

This is something that has always stuck in my mind even when I didn’t know how much I loved gardening. Had I known how much this experience meant to me, I probably would have gone to school and pursued a degree in horticulture. I don’t have that education but I do have my grandmother’s love for flowers and my own love and experience.


*Quick Tip*

There is still time to grow Zinnias this year if you live in an area where you have a late frost. Simply sow the seeds in a spot that receives at least six hours of sunlight a day. Follow the directions on the seed pack for best results. They make excellent cut flowers, so enjoy!

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