Weeding… Ugh!

Weeds In Vegetable Garden

Phew! I finished a huge weed pulling job in the vegetable garden. Fortunately we got about 1/2 inch of rain last evening so that made it a little easier. These summer days in the south can be brutal with the high heat and humidity so I got outside pretty early in the morning. Before I finished the job it was getting pretty hot though.

My advice to you is not to let those weeds take hold like I did. My task was long overdue. Like I said before, sometimes life happens and you just don’t get things done exactly when they need to be done.

My husband and I don’t use herbicides in the vegetable garden. I recommend hand pulling or digging around the plants to get those weeds. Of course you can always use a roto tiller between the rows.

I do use a herbicide in my flower beds. You just have to be very careful about where you spray because the weed killer doesn’t know the difference between your pretty flowering plants and the weeds. Always read the directions very carefully before using them. The one that we like to use is Roundup Quik PRO. It is a bit pricey but we think it’s worth it because we have a lot of weeds to kill! It does a very good job of killing the majority of those weeds. I will admit though that some weeds are really tough and may require additional spraying. At least this way you can stop them from completely taking over your beautiful flower beds. We mix the Roundup and put it in a backpack sprayer. This make this job much easier than trying to use a bottle to spray them with.


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