Planting To Attract Butterflies

I told you about how much my Grandmother loved her Pretty Boys in a previous post entitled Ma. Zinnias are an old-time favorite that have graced our yards for many years. It’s no wonder that we love them so much. They stand on short or tall sturdy stems, depending on the variety. They come in beautiful bold vibrant colors and are very easy to grow.
What I didn’t tell you is how much butterflies love Zinnias too. Plant these beauties in your yard and you will have butterflies flocking to them, literally! If you love butterflies as much as I do, this is something you will want to aim for.

I love watching them fly from one flower to another, drinking up the sweet nectar that my flowers provide for them. They look so graceful, almost as if they are gliding. I like the flutter of their wings as they zero in on their favorite meal. If you stand amongst your flowers the butterflies will fly right next to you and you can actually hear the sound of their wings.

If you are really serious about bringing butterflies to your yard plant some Lantana as well as Zinnias. I have both of these planted in my yard and I have several species of butterflies that visit regularly.

Another great tip for providing for the butterflies is to give them a place to rest and get water to drink. You can try making your own or purchase one like this.

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